A Righteous Gentile

As the title indicates, “A Righteous Gentile” is the greatest accolade a Jew can give a Gentile. This book is about one of those righteous Gentiles who risked his life and family honor by saving Jews during the Hitler Holocaust, “The Shoah”, as Jew called it.

As this book is a historical novel, I mix history and fiction. There are many characters and dramatic situations in it. For the most part, it deals with a former SS general, Bergdorf, whose job is to send Jews to their death. But he finds a way to save the life of certain Jews who he selects as the cadre for a new state of Israel when Hitler loses the war, as he knows he will. Assuming a new identity, that of a Swiss historian, he flees to the US. Bergdorf, now Peter Kramer, writes a paper on the Arab-Israeli situation which comes to the attention of the US President, who appoints him Special Ambassador to an Arab-Israeli Peace accord.

This is where the entire plot thickens and the book becomes a thriller.

US President Simon B. Jensen, due to his experiences in the war, hates Germans. He has discovered that Peter Kramer is a German, not a Swiss, and that Kramer is a wanted war criminal. Jensen has become resentful of Kramer due to Kramer’s wide popularity with the international press, making Jensen a threat to world peace.

The plot thickens to unbearable tension.

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Augusto Ferrera